Résumé of W.F. (Wim) Feringa


Before becoming a cartographer, Wim Feringa studied and graduated for Social Worker in 1978. He started at ITC in 1985, at first as Reproduction Photographer (qualified at 1989) and later on as cartographer (qualified 1991). From his early days at ITC he has been involved in guidance of practicals and later on in teaching. Due to rapid technological changes Web production and related issues became the main issues. Production technology always has had his interest, and over time he gradually specialised in that direction.

Wim has been involved as trainer and lecturer in many workshops, short courses and refresher courses in The Netherlands as well as abroad. A short list of these activities is as follows:

  • DeskTop Cartography in Nepal, Zambia and The Netherlands
  • Interactive web-map design in The Netherlands
  • Cartographic Production Techniques in The Netherlands
  • Web Cartography in The Netherlands
  • Paper Maps from ArcView in the Netherlands
  • Application basics (FreeHand, Flash) in The Netherlands
  • ColourUse and ColourManagement in The Netherlands
  • Graphic file-formats for the World Wide Web in The Netherlands
  • Design and Production of Web Sites in The Netherlands

Advisory services include amongst others:

  • Curriculum Design of the one year "Basic course in Cartography", RECTAS, Nigeria
  • Design of a Digital Cartographic Lab, RECTAS, Nigeria
  • Designing Symbolization and producing a model of the Model Risico Kaart van Nederland", as well for Web as Paper (Ministery of Internal Affairs, The Netherlands)
  • Development and Production of CD-Rom: "Atlas Ambiental de Municipalidad de Trujillo" Peru

Production experience

  • Over the years Wim produced many maps and built up a lot of practical experience in map design and GIS based map production (any type of maps) using a wide range of GIS and graphic software.
  • Development of the "In-Service Training Package for Cartographic Draftsmen" in cooperation with A.M. Mank.
  • Production of a CD-Rom and a Website for the Dutch Topographic Service.


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Conference Proceedings (full papers)

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Scientific and Professional Publications

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