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What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

PhD candidates studying at ITC are registered at the Twente Graduate School (TGS) or at the SENSE research school. Candidates who started their PhD research at ITC after January 1st 2014 are automatically registered at TGS. For the graduate education the rules and regulations set by TGS are described in the “PhD Charter”. For PhD candidates who started their PhD research at ITC prior to January 1st 2014, registration at SENSE research school is requested, and Training and Supervision guidelines from SENSE should be followed. Registrations both at TGS and SENSE are allowed.

PhD candidates may add courses and activities attended at the respective graduate schools to their Training and Supervision Plan (T&SP). Courses attended at an accredited university, or a graduate school other than TGS or SENSE, can also be added to the T&SP. Courses and activities need to be authorized by your promotor. Prior to the PhD defense a minimum of 30 ECTS needs to be collected to receive a Graduate certificate from a graduate school. A request to issue a certificate can be sent digitally through the website of the graduate school.