Research group

The research group carrying out the projects in this research theme include staff members of ITC and graduate students, some of whom carry out their research in sandwich constructions with partner universities or research organizations.

GRADUATE STUDENTS status january 2020

Bayu, Habtamu

Bergado, John Ray (AIO)

Briechle, Sebastian

Dai, Shaoqing

Karam, Samer (AIO)

Kulshrestha, Anurag (AIO)

Lin, Yaping

Lyu, Ye

Maiti, Abishek (AIO)

Mohammadi, Sina

Niekerk, van, Magnus (AIO)

Nikoohemat, Shayan (AIO)    

Zhang, Bin

Zhang, Ning

Zhang, Zhenchao

Zhao, Wufan