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Visualization and usability lab

In the framework of the research theme STAMP (Spatio-temporal analytics, maps and processing) hard- and software facilities are offered in two fully equipped research laboratories: the Usability Lab and the Visualization Lab. Both labs are available for staff, MSc and PhD research projects.

The Usability Lab

The Usability Lab offers facilities for doing use, user and usability research. Research techniques that can be implemented (thinking aloud, screen logging, audio & video recording, physiological data acquisition) are centered around a Tobii eye-tracking system, mounted below a large computer screen. The system can also be used to investigate the interaction of users with displays on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. In addition, mobile eye tracking for doing user research in use contexts outside the laboratory environment is possible with the help of Tobii Glasses 2 equipment.

The Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab offers up-to-date facilities for research in (geo-)data visualization, including Virtual Reality and 3D-visualization. The equipment in the VisLab is arranged in such a way that free space is reserved for the (HTC Vive) VR Playground, use of the large Barco touch screen and the 3D monitor. The research focuses on advanced visualization solutions to increase the understanding of complex dynamic systems and to support decision-making at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. This is where the research done in both labs comes together, as the visualization solutions will have to be tested on their usability.


For more information please contact Wim Feringa, manager of both labs.