CRIB supports geospatial big data-related tasks and activities of various research projects at ITC and partner organisations by providing consultancy and expert advice, helping in system and analysis workflow design, performing geospatial analyses, and developing software.

Active Projects

  • Digital Earth Africa: Capacity Development Strategy

    ITC is a partner of the Digital Earth Africa, which is a community activity under GEO aiming to provide an operational big earth observation data service to address challenges of Africa. CRIB supports activities related to the development of the capacity development strategy and implementation plan.


  • FAO State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA)

    ITC is developing a national level indicator for FAO's State of Food and Agriculture report, which will capture structural vulnerability of the domestic food system to disruptions in transportation or agricultural area. CRIB supports development of the analysis methods.

  • IDEAMAPS: Data Infrastructure

    IDEAMAPS is a network of field-based community mappers, local governments, academics, and data scientists to to develop and maintain an Integrated DEprived Area MAPping System (IDEAMAPS) that leverages the strengths of our current silo-ed approaches to "slum" area mapping. CRIB provides support for the design of the data analysis framework and related infrastructure.


  • Exploratory Research: Minimum Travel Cost

    Travel time and accessibility analysis plays an important role in many geospatial problems. Global-scale accessibility computations at medium-resolution currently require significant processing time. ITC researchers are working on optimized methods to reduce this time. CRIB takes part in the study by developing parallel algorithms optimized for regular grids and implementing them in various languages, e.g. Go and C++.


  • eScience Center: Phenology Alliance

    In 2016, the Netherlands eScience Center set an alliance with ITC for "High spatial resolution phenological modelling at continental scales" and over a period of one year, eScience Engineers and ITC researchers collaborated closely in the development of a cloud-based platform for large scale phenological analysis. CRIB supports follow-up work involving parallel computing by using Dask and Apache Spark.


  • AI for Earth: Africa Subsistence Farming

    Dr. Claudio Persello (ITC-EOS) and his team received an AI for Earth from Microsoft for cropland mapping in African subsistence farming using Deep Learning. CRIB supports the study by setting up the deep learning infrastructure on the Azure platform.



  • Open Source Scientific Computing for AgroGeospatial Big Data Analysis

    ITC has a Nuffic (The Dutch Organisation for Internationalisation in Education) Tailor-Made Training Plus (TMT+) project proposal with the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) to further develop BARI's capacity in big geospatial data analytics, machine and deep learning, analysis-ready data, and open-source programming and modelling software. CRIB will support hands-on training on big geospatial data technology.


Project Proposals

  • ESA EO Africa Research and Development Facility

    A consortium led by ITC submitted a proposal for ESA Expro+ call on EO AFRICA Research and Development Facility, which aims to develop a cloud-based Innovation Lab to support 30 joint African-European research projects in food security and water scarcity, as well as to set up EO Africa Space Academy and Digital Space Campus for knowledge development activities. CRIB will support the setup and operation of the EO Africa Innovation Lab.