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  • RAMSES hyperspectral radiometer

    RAMSES-ACC and RAMSES-ARC are  stand-alone highly integrated hyperspectral radiometers for the UV and/or VIS spectral range. Small size and very low power consumption make them suitable for hand-held and autonomous applications. The sensors are part of the RAMSES radiometer family, which is especially designed for combining precision hyperspectral light measurements with a maximum of flexibility S. Salama (Suhyb)
    Associate Professor

  • BBE FluoroProbe

    The bbe FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive instrument for the analysis of microalgae in the water. The submersible FluoroProbe quickly and reliably determines chlorophyll-a concentrations in situ and in real time by fluorescence measurement. Recorded data are displayed online or stored internally. The FluoroProbe discriminates algae classes even in complex mixtures due to the spectral properties of green algae, blue-greens (cyanobacteria), brown algae consisting of diatoms, dinoflagellates, chrysophytes, and cryptophytes. The use of the FluoroProbe replaces a considerable amount of laborious analytical work in the lab. S. Salama (Suhyb)
    Associate Professor