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Digital twin (smart city/3D modelling) topic currently attracts the attention and interest of many cities, authorities, industrial and research organizations at the national, European and international levels. By adopting Big Data and IoT technologies, the city stakeholders can push data-driven processes using shred data instead of only their own data.

The concept of the digital twin is not new, but now it has a different view. It combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Remote Sensing potential to find new opportunities and to interact with virtual models to simulate “what-if” scenarios. Such scenarios can be useful in predictions or post effect data analysis on a building or city level.

  • Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

    Master of Science2 years100% English8 specialisations3 Joint programmes
    This programme takes an application-oriented approach to collecting, processing, analyzing and visualizing spatial data. Graduates are at the forefront of one of today’s fastest growing industries.

    8 specialisations for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

    Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to explore earth resources to help securing future demands for energy and minerals.

    Free specialization

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Design your very own specialization

    Geo-Information Management for Land Administration

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to use cadastral intelligence for designing and applying responsible land administration solutions.


    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to develop technologies required for analyzing, distributing and visualizing geo-spatial data.

    Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to predict and monitor multi-hazard risk and help reducing our vulnerability to disasters.

    Natural Resources Management

    MSc3 Joint programmes
    Learn to utilize geo-spatial data for sustainable agriculture, environement and forests.

    Urban Planning and Management

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to understand dynamic urban processes and create interventions to help make cities competitive, compact, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

    Water Resources and Environmental Management

    MSc2 Joint programmes
    Learn to use earth observation and geo-information techniques to create safe and sustainable water management solutions.
  • Spatial Engineering

    Master of Science2 years100% English
    Natural disasters, poverty, food shortage, epidemics, climate change: learn to tackle society’s greatest and most complex challenges with the use of spatial data.