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Developing operational radiative transfer models for Plant Traits and Ecosystem Functional Properties estimation from multi source remote sensing data

Student:Egor Prikaziuk
Timeline:May 2017 - 30 April 2021

The project is dedicated to development of a model for radiative transfer of solar energy within the canopy. The model will be based on physiological plant traits (PTs) that affect plant spectral properties: (1) reflection and (2) transmittance of irradiation and (3) emission of fluorescence. We are going to incorporate such PTs as leaf water content, stomatal and mesophyll conductance, pigment composition an concentration, carboxylation and oxygenation capacity of Rubisco (key enzyme of photosynthesis) into our model.

Also we hope to assist colleagues working in other ESRs, incorporating agriculturally important TPs as percentage of dark matter (due to pathogen invasion or senescence) or minimal nutrients concentration (nitrogen and phosphorous). Special attention will be paid to chlorophyll fluorescence signal modelling, as it provides a link to key plant process – photosynthesis. Furthermore, the model will be scalable to ecosystems level, linking PTs and spectral signal to ecosystem functional properties (EFPs) such as gross primary production (GPP). As soon as the model is ready reflected and emitted radiation data can be collected in a contact with leaf by pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) spectrophotometer, or remotely by photo camera or radiometer placed on UAV or satellite. By inverting the model one can get the PTs and EFPs. An algorithm of PTs and EFPs retrieval, implemented in the model, will be used for ecological monitoring, farming and plant physiology research.

Final part of our project will be an evaluation of the model in different environmental conditions and mapping mentioned properties and traits.

* Members of TRUSTEE consortium:
9 academic and research institutes (Italy 2, Spain 2, Germany 2, United Kingdom 1, Belgium 2) and 3 companies (Netherlands, France, Italy)

Meet the team

E. Prikaziuk MSc (Egor)
Graduate Student
prof.dr. Z. Su (Bob)
Promotor C. van der Tol (Christiaan)
Research theme
Water Cycle and Climate

Water, food and energy security and environmental safety are key challenges to our societies. “Information on water quantity and quality and their variation is urgently needed for national policies and management strategies, as well as for UN conventions on climate and sustainable development, and the achievement of the Millennium Goals”.

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