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Deciphering the factors controlling the relationship between Ecosystem Functional Properties and sun-induced fluorescence in time and under different nutrient conditions usisng model-data integration approaches

Student:David Martini
Timeline:March 2017 - 1 March 2021


The project is dedicated to understand which factors control the relationship between Sun Induced Fluorescence (SIF) and ecosystem functional properties. Special attention is focused on using SIF to predict carbon and water fluxes at the ecosystem scale. Multiple fields experiments (in Spain and Austria) as well as long term time series observation of SIF in Spain wil be analyzed. The objectives of the project are:

1. To evaluate the potential of using sun-induced fluorescence (SIF) to predit photosynthetic CO2 uptake and/or transpiration and assessment of the factors affecting the relationship between fluxes and SIF in particular role of canopy, structure and functional traits.

2. Develop a framework for the extraction of ecosystem functional properties EFPs from Eddy covariance and chambers flux measurements.

3. Exploring relationship between Hyperspectral data and sun-induced fluorescence with carbon fluxes and EFPs.

In order to enhance process understanding of the relationship between Sun-Induced fluorescence and photosynthesis I make use of the radiative transfer and energy balance model SCOPE developed by Christiaan van der Tol.

Members of TRUSTEE consortium: 9 academic and research institutes (Italy 2, Spain 2, Germany 2, United Kingdom 1, Belgium 2) and 3 companies (Netherlands, France Italy)

MAJADAS - SPAIN Nutrient Manipulation

Meet the team

D. Martini (David)
Graduate Student
prof.dr. Z. Su (Bob)
Promotor C. van der Tol (Christiaan)
Research theme
Water Cycle and Climate

Water, food and energy security and environmental safety are key challenges to our societies. “Information on water quantity and quality and their variation is urgently needed for national policies and management strategies, as well as for UN conventions on climate and sustainable development, and the achievement of the Millennium Goals”.

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