Designing a sustainable future

New master Spatial Engineering

An exciting prospect for the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente: a new master’s programme. From September 2017, the faculty will offer the master’s programme of Spatial Engineering. The master’s programme is a perfect match for students with a strong affinity with technology and systems and who are inspired by large-scale, complex challenges.

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December 2015

  1. 15 12 2015 Plants show stress in thermal spectrum
  2. 11 12 2015 Successful workshop on disaster risk reduction in Nepal
  3. 10 12 2015 "Climate change assessment models need broader context"
  4. 07 12 2015 Freek van der Meer and Erna Leurink appointed as duo board members of PIE
  5. 04 12 2015 ITC develops technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa
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