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New master Spatial Engineering

An exciting prospect for the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente: a new master’s programme. From September 2017, the faculty will offer the master’s programme of Spatial Engineering. The master’s programme is a perfect match for students with a strong affinity with technology and systems and who are inspired by large-scale, complex challenges.

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November 2014

  1. 20 11 2014 Three new PhD alumni in the field of spatial biodiversity
  2. 13 11 2014 Three Million Euros for Earth Observation Trainings in Africa
  3. 05 11 2014 Scholarship Opportunities for Indonesian Students
  4. 05 11 2014 Inaugural ISCU-WDS Data Stewardship Award for Alumnus Dr. Xiaogang Ma
  5. 03 11 2014 Married couple obtains doctoral degree from same professor on same day
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