Spatial database of the world’s rice production developed

to address research and policy questions on food security

Rice is an important food source for a majority of the world population. Worldwide, on average around 60 kilograms of rice is consumed per year per person. Researchers from all over the world, including from the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente, have developed the RiceAtlas: a spatial database that answers key questions like where, when and how much rice is grown globally. The database has just been made publicly available.

Spatial database of the world’s rice production developed more

August 2012

  1. 28 08 2012 ITC at Geospatial Pavilion at the World Urban Forum 6
  2. 16 08 2012 Eastern Africa Network of Land Administration
  3. 15 08 2012 Summer School in Spain
  4. 08 08 2012 ESIP Grant for Alumnus Dr. Xiaogang Ma
  5. 03 08 2012 Crowdsourcing / collaborative mapping related to disaster response
  6. 03 08 2012 WMO Research Award for Yijian Zeng
  7. 01 08 2012 Land Administration Domain Model from Research to Implementation
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