Designing a sustainable future

New master Spatial Engineering

An exciting prospect for the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente: a new master’s programme. From September 2017, the faculty will offer the master’s programme of Spatial Engineering. The master’s programme is a perfect match for students with a strong affinity with technology and systems and who are inspired by large-scale, complex challenges.

Designing a sustainable future more

April 2014

  1. 24 04 2014 "We try to prevent deforestation and protect animal species"
  2. 09 04 2014 ITC and Capital Normal University sign MoU
  3. 09 04 2014 ITC and College of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering of China Three Gorges University sign MoU
  4. 07 04 2014 University of Twente uses drone to assess damage after disasters
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