Corona virus update ITC

The measures promulgated by the Cabinet to limit the consequences of the coronavirus also have a major impact on the ITC faculty. We all work and study from home, events are cancelled and education is offered digitally as much as possible. This is a strange, special and difficult period, which has a major impact on everyone.

We wish to express our sympathy to all who currently experience uncertain times, especially those who are far from their homes and families. Further, we would like to express our admiration to all ITC/UT staff and students who are doing their utmost best under challenging circumstances and are finding innovative ways to continue working. As the coronavirus situation is continuing to unfold, sometimes in unpredictable ways, we sympathize with the feelings of inconvenience and discomfort this may entail to all of you.

For more detailed information on various topics the University of Twente gathered the frequently asked questions here:

Take good care of yourself, your family and loved ones.

Faculty Board ITC

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