All buildings will be closed from tomorrow (18 March) on

Over the last few days, we noted that the vast majority of staff members are able to work from home. Therefore, we have decided to close all UT buildings. Students who do not have the opportunity to study at home, can use the arranged study spot. There is a limited number of study spots available.

  • All buildings on campus will be closed and are only accessible by using your employee card when authorised to enter the buildings outside office hours. The same rules as always apply, but also in this case, we urge you not to come to campus when not strictly necessary.
  • Research activities in the lab will be reduced to an absolute minimum. This will be done in close consultation between facility supervisors and users. As the use of several labs require strict safety measures, proceeding with research activities is not possible in all cases.
  • The Sports Centre will be closed, as the physiotherapy practice has also decided to postpone all activities.
  • The service desks of various internal services are open for business as usual. You may contact them by phone or email, unless stated otherwise on their products and services page.

No international business travels

Starting today until further notice, international business trip on behalf of the UT are no longer allowed. Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty on whether flights or other travel arrangements will take place. If you are abroad, we ask you to return as soon as possible. If you are abroad and you feel you are not able to return safely, get in contact with the HR advisor of your faculty or service department.

Please note that we have also advised all our students to return as soon as possible in case they are abroad for study purposes. We have a list of all students concerned and they have received an instruction email. If you know of any students abroad who have not received this email, contact us via

Students wanting to return to their home country

We receive questions from students who have the desire to return to their country of origin. We understand their wish to be close to family now, but we are not in the position to advise in this matter. It is up to the student to decide.

In the current (third) quartile, all educational activities will take place online. Students will be able to participate from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to online facilities.

There is no certainty for the period after the current quartile. It may well be that students are required to attend activities on campus. This will be decided later.  

As mentioned, for students staying in Enschede but having no other place to go for study, space in the Spiegel building will be available.  

PhD defences: online alternative or postponement

In consultation with Twente Graduate School we offer PhD candidates, who have their defence scheduled, two options: they may choose to postpone their defence to a later stage or have an online thesis defence. It is not possible to attend as a guest. We will be in touch with PhD candidates with a nearing date for their defence.

Getting in contact

In case you have any questions that are urgent, please contact us. You may get in contact with us. There is a communication team answering questions and passing on your suggestions to the Central Crisis Team. You may contact them via In most cases, you will receive an answer within four hours, the team is also available on weekend days.