Celebration of 70 years ITC

Today marks a very special occasion: seventy years ago ITC came into existence, by passing the charter of foundation on 11 July 1950. We commemorate the founding of ITC on the birthday of our founder: Professor Willem Schermerhorn, on 17 December. Due to COVID-19, the celebration of this special event is postponed to 2021, because the plans we had for 2020 could not take place. 

The ITC archives: history being written

Snooping through the ITC archives, we have selected some highlights that chart the history of the Institute since its foundation. As we walk along the milestones marking our path, one thing is clear: the foresight and energy that characterised the early years of the Institute is still very much with us today. Please have a look at the impressive ITC timeline.

Celebrating 70 years of ITC in 2021

As said before, due to COVID-19 the celebration of our 70th birthday is postponed to 2021. We hope that we will be able to organise at least two special events in the year to come: 

  1. seminar as the culmination of a set of UT-ITC workshops on selected themes, which will showcase the past, present and future of ITC.
  2. sustainable social event for all staff and students.

Besides these, there will be complimentary activities throughout 2021 that will pay attention to this celebration.

About the seminar 

The seminar is planned for October or November 2021 and focusses on specific themes such as Big Geo-Data, Geo-Health, Life-Long Learning, and Hazard, Risk and Resilience. Also, external speakers are invited to critically reflect on certain themes. The aim of the seminar is to present future plans, as well as look back at our rich history. We also want to reflect on how ITC should position itself in the coming decade of capacity development. 

About the sustainable social event

This event will be organised for staff and students of ITC, UCT/ATLAS and Pre-U. It is an event where we can share ideas and stories and have conversations about having an impact on society. 

More information about these events will follow in the future. 

R. Kwakman (Robin)
Communication Advisor (Faculty ITC)