Master programme Geo-information Science and Earth Observation amongst Dutch top

The master programme Geo-information Science and Earth Observation is rated amongst the best university master programmes in the Netherlands. Today, the new Keuzegids Masters – the Netherlands’ most important study information guide- was published with the ratings of all master programmes offered at Dutch Universities. The score of 92 points means a (shared) second spot overall. It is already the fifth time in a row that the master programme receives the quality seal Top rated programme, which is being awarded to all programmes scoring 75 or more points.

The score of 92 equals last year’s score, with the student ratings in particular playing a major role in the high score. On seven of the eight aspects, Geo-information Science and Earth Observation scores the maximum number of points.

“It is always hard to become a top performer”, the ITC Directorate states. “But remaining at the top is maybe an even more difficult task. We find it very important that students appreciate the efforts from staff to offer top quality education and are proud of its reflection in the Top rated programme seal. We are open to feedback from students on how they perceive their education at ITC as that will help us perform at a very high standard.”

University of Twente amongst top performers

The Geo-information Science and Earth observation master programme is the best rated programme at the University of Twente. The UT does well in this year’s Keuzegids as it remains in the second place of all 13 Dutch Universities. A total of four programmes received the Top rated programme seal; Applied Mathematics, Industrial Engineering & Management and the two-year research master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences are also Top rated programme.

Earlier this academic year, the Spatial Engineering master programme has been launched. As the programme is new, it has not yet received a rating in the Keuzegids.

About the Keuzegids

The Keuzegids Masters is an annual publication reflecting on the results and appreciation of all Dutch master programmes. For study seekers, the guide provides an important information source in their choice for academic education. For their verdict, the Keuzegids uses the student appreciation from the National Student Survey of the last three years, as well as the expert judgements from the accreditation decisions by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization NVAO.

Thom Palstra, rector magnificus of the University of Twente, congratulated the staff members on their succesful Keuzegids rating during a meeting on wednesday morning. 

L.P.W. van der Velde (Laurens)
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