Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management FIG working week 2020 - 10-14 May 2020 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FIG Working Week, Sunday 10 - Thursday 14 May 2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is an exciting week-long conference that brings the international community of surveying and spatial professionals together to experience a mix of interesting plenary and technical sessions and workshops, a trade exhibition and a variety of side events and social functions. The week gives a unique opportunity to discuss key challenges of our time within the surveying profession with fellow peers.

The Netherlands - an inspiring environment for the FIG Working Week

The Netherlands is known for its tulips, wind mills and polder landscapes, and it is also known as one of the best surveyed areas in the world; every square meter has been mapped, registered and documented. Being small sized, densely populated, partly below sea level and the second exporter of agricultural goods in world, the management of land and water is crucial in our society.

Mapping and surveying are basic activities to support the management of land and water. Having almost 200 years of experience with mapping and more than 100 years of land consolidation, the Netherlands offers an inspiring environment for the FIG Working Week 2020. Not only the rural and urban environments show the important role our profession plays, also the institutional and professional context are renowned for its high level standards.

Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management

The theme of the Conference is “Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management“. How to build and manage a densely populated coastal country with a land area of which nearly half is below sea level? We, the Dutch know how to do just that and have done so for centuries. The role of surveyors in this endeavour has been crucial.  And their role is even more crucial today when we have to protect our country against the impact of climate change causing sea level rise. 

The main theme is subdivided into three sub-themes, which fit well with Dutch expertise: 1. "Smart Surveyors", 2. "Integrated Land and Water Management", and 3. "Sustainable Development Goals" Each of these sub-themes is at the heart of one of the plenary sessions, in which a mix of prominent international but also Dutch keynote speakers takes the floor, and more.

Venue RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is the venue for the FIG Working Week in 2020. RAI Amsterdam is the biggest conference centre in the Netherlands. It has a long and impressive track record of hosting international events. The lay-out of the facility offers flexibility that fits the needs of the Working Week.

There are many hotels in the immediate area of the convention centre. As organising partners we were inspired by the approach ‘Creating a great environment to meet’ their approach for the deployment and realization of sustainable meetings. We are convinced that this is the perfect setting for the FIG Working Week 2020. The history of RAI Amsterdam dates back to 1893.. Nowadays, with more than two million visitors yearly, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is one of Europe’s most important international exhibition- and conference venues. RAI Amsterdam convention centre is situated in one of Amsterdam’s green areas, only some three kilometres from the historic city centre and thirteen kilometres from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

More information FIG2020

More information about FIG2020 can be found on the FIG website.  

Foto: Amsterdam city centre