Three scenarios for new building ITC

Last week we informed you about the decision to put the project of the new building of ITC temporarily on hold. After analyzing the consequences of the increased costs of the project for the Long Term Housing Strategy, it became clear that it is not realistic to continue the project at the location of the Citadel building on the campus. Adaptation of the preliminary design would result in would result in non-compliance with the ambitions of ITC regarding the appearance and sustainability of the building and the principles in the LTSH regarding flexibility. For ITC as well as for the Executive Board this is not desirable. 

In the meantime, as Executive Board together with the Faculty Board of ITC and the Campus and Facility Management department, we discussed the current situationthat has arisen with regard to housing ITC. Based on the outcome of this discussion, the Board decided that three scenarios will be worked out in a business case, not only to explore the financial consequences, but also to have an urban planning assessment for the scenarios on campus and to analyze the integral Long Term Housing Strategy (LTSH) projects. 
This involves the following scenarios:

1.       To realize a new building on an empty lot elsewhere on the O&O area, which has the advantage of fewer layers needed and therefore less costs and more flexibility available.

2.       To renovate the current building Langezijds on the campus and facilitate the ambition of  the BLOC concept for an innovation centre on the campus, in a newly constructed layer of the Langezijds or in a new building nearby. 

3.       A last scenario that will be elaborated, is that ITC remains on the current location at the Hengelosestraat. This scenario will only be chosen as the last option if the other scenarios are not feasible. On-site adjustments will be made to stimulate cooperation.

As a result of all scenarios the current Citadel building will remain available for example for CES and for the LISA helpdesk. It also contributes to more flexibility of the real estate portfolio on Campus, one of the targets of the LTSH. A necessity, given the space requirements of other faculties and the current vacant leasable floor space that is below the minimum limit. 

You may understand that it will take time to carefully elaborate and discuss the scenario’s with all involved internal and external stakeholders in the next months, together with external experts. The Executive Board considers this as necessary steps for a sustainable solution.  

In the next months we will keep informing you on a regular base. The aim is to take a decision for one scenario by the beginning of 2019.

If you have any questions or want to find more information on the Long Term Housing Strategy of the UT, please check the website:

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
On Leave till 1 Aug 2020