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Natural resources

Forestry - Agriculture - Environment

The world’s population is expected to reach nine billion by 2040. The demand for food and other resources will place unprecedented pressure on the Earth’s natural environment. Increasing population and growing welfare lead to problems such as deforestation, overgrazing, and the contamination of land and water resources. Sustainable management of our natural resources is essential but this requires information on their status and the processes that either renew or deplete them.

Developments in remote sensing technology enable us to observe the Earth’s surface in great detail, almost continuously. Never before has it been so easy to monitor and map changes in our natural environment. To understand the complexity of factors involved in deforestation, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, environmental managers must collect relevant data and also interpret and analyse them to obtain useful information to support decisions that can lead to more sustainable use of natural resources. In carrying out these tasks, environmental managers collaborate with professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Geo-information technology − in particular modelling and decision support systems − plays an important role in this rewarding multidisciplinary work.

Our courses

Our courses in the natural resources domain facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving for development purposes. The courses integrate knowledge of, and skills in, geo-information technology with current themes in the field of natural resources and environment.

MSc topics

An MSc research project in the natural resources domain is typically connected to one of the research areas of ITC’s department of Natural Resources:

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Career perspectives

With their acquired knowledge and skills in the spatial sciences, graduates of the Natural Resources Management courses are well qualified to work in government departments, NGOs and commercial companies operating in the fields of forestry, agriculture and the environment.

Influencer with a broad horizon

Name: K.C. Bhawana (Nepal)
Position: Forestry and Climate Change Expert at the Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme
Studied Natural Resources Management: 2013-2015

When it comes to the management of Nepal’s natural resources, Forestry and Climate Change Expert K.C. Bhawana is an influencer with a wide reach. Her studies at ITC intensified her impact. ‘Studying at ITC strengthened my role in natural resources management in Nepal’.

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