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Mendeley Reference manager

Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research and collaborate with others online.

With Mendeley you can:

- Cite while you write your paper
- Automatically generate bibliographies
- Collaborate easily with other researchers online
- Easily import papers from other research software
- Find relevant papers based on what you're reading
- Access your papers from anywhere online
- Read papers on the go with the mobile phone app

Mendeley is accessible on two levels, first the online version of your library. Second the desktop version, which stores your references and attached literature to use when you are writing a paper or report. Both the online and desktop version synchronize to give you access to your library anywhere and anytime, also functioning as back-up for your references.


Two times a year a general Mendeley course is being organized to support all Mendeley users. Also, tailor-made Mendeley courses upon your request for a group of a minimum of six participants are possible.

The next general Mendeley course has not yet been scheduled. Location to be determined, depending on the number of participants. Please register via e-mail 

Getting started

To start working with Mendeley go to, register online, and create an easy to remember password - you will use it frequently. Then, download the desktop version; installation of the web-importer for references and word-plugin for writing will be offered to you at that moment. Now you're ready to start using Mendeley.

Mendeley for Mac is also available, for iOS via the App Store, for Android via Google Play and for the Linux platform software available from

Mendeley manual, and online guides

ITC's Mendeley manual will help you to get started,

Mendeley the movie  import references, and use in Word.

online guides are available at Guides @ Mendeley

if you prefer video tutorials go to

Mendeley for iOS

if you have any Mendeley questions contact Katinka Jager or Grietha de Jonge

Mendeley FAQ

  • Why is the citation of my record of a World Bank publication not working? The World Bank turns into (Bank, T.W., 2014)
    If you use a corporate author such as 'The World Bank' you have to add a comma [ , ] at the end of the name in the authors field in Mendeley (also in Endnote) to prevent the program from recognizing it as a person and keep the three parts of the name together in the citation.
  • How do I add the fact that it concerns an MSc or PhD thesis to my reference?
    Manually add (MSc thesis) or (PhD thesis) with brackets to the end of the title of your record. You can use document type Book or Thesis for this; we recommend you use Book.
  • How do I reference a website?     

Format website:    Author/editor. (Last update or copyright date), Title. Retrieved from -date of access: <URL>

Example reference:    The World Bank. (2012). KEI and KI Indexes. Retrieved May 23, 2014, from

If your reference does not have a (corporate) author, Mendeley will use the title in the citation:

citation:   ("OKR Open Knowledge Repository: Home," 2014)
reference:  OKR Open Knowledge Repository: Home. (2014). Retrieved August 21, 2014, from

Adding a corporate author will result in this:

citation:  (The World Bank, 2014)
reference: The World Bank. (2014). OKR Open Knowledge Repository: Home. Retrieved August 21, 2014, from

 For all other referencing formats see the Literacy course 

Mendeley and BibTeX and LateX

How do I export from Mendeley to BibTeX?
Open Mendeley, and within "My library" found on the left, select references that you would like to export to BibTeX. In the drop-down menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen, click "File --> Export" (or ctrl-E if you use keyboard shortcuts) and in the drop-down list of file types, choose "Save as type: BibTeX" and save to the same location as the LaTeX file.

If you're working with Mendeley on a PC and your manuscript is on Athena, you'll need to save the BibTeX export to your hard drive and use FTP or another file transfer method to transfer the file to the correct directory in your Athena space.
To link the bibliography file that you just downloaded to your document, you need to enter two commands:

  • \bibliographystyle{style} should go just inside your \begin{document} command. style.bst is the name of the style file dictating the format of your bibliography.
  • \bibliography[filename} should go wherever you want LaTeX to generate the bibliography. filename.bib is the name of the file that you just downloaded from RefWorks containing your exported references.

For more information on Mendeley and BibTex and bibliography styles, go to