Figshare launched in 2011 is an online digital repository where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasets, images, and videos. It is free to upload content and free to access, in adherence to the principle of open data. Figshare allows users to upload any file format to be previewed in the browser so that any research output, from posters and presentations to datasets and code, can be disseminated in a way that the current scholarly publishing model does not allow.

Since 2012 over 800.000 user document uploads, containing over 2 million articles 500.000 collections and 5.000 projects. Users can upload up to 5 GB files, have 20 GB free private storage space and unlimited public storage space. Individual work can receive a doi, no restrictions in file formats for upload and due to the cloud based system, world wide access to data. A desktop uploader is available for easy upload, the figshare API allows for a personalized environment and the collaborative workspaces for private groups support collaboration.

Figshare offers an institutional version for data and repository hosting.