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arXiv is an Open Access repository of e-prints or electronic preprints of scientific papers in the field of Mathematics, and also Physics, Astronomy, Computer science, Quantitative biology Statistics, and even quantitative finance.

Next to the original arXiv repository, sister platforms on Earth Sciences  EarthArXiv, specifically African Scientists AfricArXiv, Social Sciences SocArXiv, ArabiXiv papers, Engineering sciences engrXiv, and BioSciences BiorXiv, have been established. Not all by Cornell University.

Founded in 1991 by Cornell Universities, Paul Ginsparg, in 2008 already had more than half a million articles online and reached the million milestone at the end of 2014.

arXiv developed into a highly-automated electronic archive and distribution server for research articles. Retrieval of papers is free, it is an Open Access community, Registered authors use the web interface to submit articles. The archive has an option to receive an RSS feed or email alert to newly submitted articles. Although there is no formal review process for submitted articles, Cornell University library with guidance from the arXiv Scientific Advisory Board and the arXiv Member Advisory Board and numerous subject moderators maintain the scientific standards of the site.


Please be aware of other copyright rules when making papers available online. Consult the ITC library copyright guide or contact the ITC Library staff.