Zenodo is an online digital academic repository for Open Scientific publications and the research data of projects. The platform is open to all fields of science and  creates, secure and guaranteed long-time repository for any format of scientific output. The storage of all data is hosted by CERN and for a large part funded by the European Commission via OpenAIRE.

The name Zenodo is derived from Zenodotus, the first librarian of the Ancient Library of Alexandria and father of the first recorded use of metadata, a landmark in library history.

Open Science

The OpenAIRE project was commissioned by the European Commission to support their Open Data policy to provide a repository for all fields of EC funded research. The collaboration between CERN and OpenAIRE resulted in the Zenodo platform that launched in May  2013. 
There are no restrictions to who can participate on the Zenodo platform, the Open Science basis on which it works has created a scientific environment that now host worldwide scientific materials and has become a versatile knowledge exchange platform .

Make use of the Zenodo platform for your research

The new Open Source search engine Elasticsearch allows for more powerful advanced search options through the Zenodo database. Combination of tagged field search, Boolean operators and limitation strings for publication date or range, contributor name, and even grant programs, will give the users more relevant search results. Specific DOI queries, version search, supplement search or on the other hand fuzzy searches show the broad spectrum of search options.  

To truly make the reproduction of science possible, there are no restrictions on size, format, software or licence to the data shared on the platform. All related materials next to the purely scientific are also welcome to better understand the scholarly process.

Support before the publication of your article. Storing work and data in a restricted environment during research is also possible. First to safely store all data, second to make data available in a protected environment to the reviewers of your paper or book, before the publication date. The option to use a build in embargo date to share your work on the Open Science platform makes the whole process of data storage and scientific accountability easier.

Research citations: Zenodo platform makes the research results citable and through Open AIRE makes them easy to integrate into existing reporting modules for funding agencies. Citation information is also available via DataCite

DOI and DOI versioning: All uploaded data and papers get their own DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Starting May 2017 also DOI versioning is available, every new data upload of your research can have an individual DOI to which specific referencing is possible. This can be a useful tool in research replication or documentation of a research grant application.

Open Source Software

For storage and Open Source options on developed software, Zenodo works with Github the Open Source Software and developers platform (2008). You may even look at it the other way, Zenodo has been developed as an extra research layer upon the Github system. The Zenodo platform code is also open source, built upon the foundation of the Invenio digital library. All software and roadmaps  to Invenio digital library framework are shared on the software platform GitHub.

Zenodo Organization, legal status  and technical background

Zenodo is hosted by CERN Switzerland, established in 1954 and as such Zenodo is part of the CERN IT Department, Collaboration Devices and Applications Group, Digital Repositories Section (IT-CDA-DR).

The legal status of Zenodo within CERN as an intergovernmental organization is covered by the CERN Convention, and the relation to EU Member states due to the sponsoring of the program by the EU has been covered in a special protocol.

More Zenodo

More information then already mentioned and linked to you can find on the Zenodo Blog, FAQ, the Zenodo group on Zotero and the Twitter feed










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