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What is a ResearcherID number?

A ResearcherID number is a unique identifier that consists of alphanumeric characters. Each number contains the year in which you registered. ITC Library registers your ResearcherID for the repository and the SENSE Research School evaluation.

What is

ResearcherID is the website where researchers can register for a unique researcher ID number. At this website, users can update their profile information, build their publication list using Web of Science and Web of Knowledge search services or by uploading a file, as well as select to make their profile public or private. Both registered and non-registered users can search the ResearcherID Registry to view profiles and find potential collaborators. Your Web of Science login also doubles as your ResearcherID login.

Why register at

Build your own custom profile and avoid the common problem of author misidentification. Once registered, you can build your publication list by searching Web of Knowledge and Web of Science, or by uploading your own publication list. You will be able to generate citation metrics from the citation data on your publication list. ResearcherID is now integrated with EndNote Web. You can access your ResearcherID publication list in EndNote Web and use EndNote Web features to export your publications to, e.g, the desktop version of EndNote.

Building your publication list

Note: by adding publications using the Web of Knowledge or Web of Science options, can provide useful information about your publications on our Citation Metrics and ResearcherID Labs pages.

What type of items can be stored on the ResearcherID My Publications List?

Any item that an author has published can be added to their ResearcherID publication list, including journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, grants, and more. Items added to "My Publications" should be authored by the actual researcher to provide a true representation of their scholarly output. Please be aware that the metrics of these added items are not incorporated into your Web Of Science citation metrics !

Adding publications to your ResearcherID My Publications list.

Via your Endnote and the automatically linked MyEndnoteweb account you can add references from Endnote to your ResearcherID list. Select the references you want to add to your ResearcherID and from the drop-down-menu 'ad to..' select My publications under Researcher ID at the bottom of the drop-down-menu.


If you need to import references from Adlib (your resume) into Endnote first, search on Author name to select your publications, display the first one on your screen and use the Endnote export button in Adlib to send your references to Endnote (one by one) the 'forward' buttons in adlib make this a fairly quick process.

Once you have added new publications to your ResearcherID, the 'Manage list' and 'add publications' will allow you to delete double entries or edit individual records. The best option to generate the My Publications list is to start with all references available from Web Of Science and to add them via Web Of Science because all citation metrics are derived from WOS data.

The extra publication groups (left side menu) is optional for you to organise specific projects or private viewing of selected records. Privacy settings for these groups are under the Manage / Add option.

Synchronizing ResearcherID and ORCID data

Starting June 2016 you can now synchronize you ResearcherID data and your ORCID data. Go to the blue button "manage profile' you can update your profile. Also with you next login this could be offered to you actively by ResearcherID.

Online help

Online support from the ResearcherID help page 
Video tutorial to Add publications