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Mobile access: apps

A number of relevant applications have been listed below, but the list can never be exhaustive as new "Apps" are becoming available regularly. If no price is mentioned applications are free of charge. Sometimes special settings have to be used to consult journals and bibliographies that the library subscribes to.

Also the M-Libraries wiki offers a wealth of information on mobile interfaces and applications 

Name / URL



ACS Mobile

I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch, Android

Price USD 2,99

ACS = American Chemical Society

I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch

Formerly Los Alamos preprint archive, now maintained at Cornell University


I-Pad, Android

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry and Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology

Cambridge Journals Online Mobile

Mobile website

Features Cambridge Jounals Online Mobile (CJOm) explained

EBSCO Mobile

All systems

Informa Healthcare

I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod, Android, BlackBerry

Informa Healthcare usage guide

JSTOR Mobile

Mobile website

I-Phone, I-Pad

Register at first (free)

Patent Genius

I-Phone, Android

Price USD 0.99

Patent Search

I-Phone, Android

PubMed Apps


PubMed Mobile, DailyMed, PubMed for handhelds a.o.


I-Phone, Android

Scientific American

Android, I-Phone, I-Pod Touch

Sciverse Scopus Alerts

I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch

Register at Scopus first (free).

SciVerse ScienceDirect

I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Pod Touch

Register at Sciencedirect first (free).

SciVerse Applications


SciVerse applications that improve search and discovery on SciVerse ScienceDirect, Scopus or Hub.

Taylor & Francis

I-Phone, I-Pad, Android, BlackBerry

Wiley online library

Mobile website

WorldCat Mobile


WorldCat Apps


Mobile apps and websites for reference software

Name / URL




Mobile website

Mendeley Reference Manager

I-Phone, I-Pad

Smartphones and Tablet PCs (such as iPad) can also be used for scientific ‘content’. On forums such as the 'Android market' or Apple’s 'App Store', special 'Apps' (Applications) can be downloaded through the mobile network.

Through these special applications, publishers such as Elsevier with 'Sciverse Sciencedirect’ and Nature Publishing Group give access to their journals. Even personal alerts can sometimes be set up. There are also applications that can interface with bibliographies such as PubMed, WorldCat or Sciverse Scopus.

And, finally, some publishers and other providers, such as Cambridge University Press and JSTOR, have not created their own App but maintain a separate website that can be optimized for mobile devices.