turnitin guide

Turnitin - SimCheck is the plagiarism detection software used at ITC and the University of Twente.

Starting October 17, 2019, it is integrated into Canvas, student assignments can automatically be checked for text similarity. 

Turnitin compares the uploaded document to text in documents from the following locations:

Requirements for file type and size: 

For research staff only there is also access available to the 'standalone' version. To log in to this version, go to: . A manual for the standalone can be found here.

Turnitin User guides are integrated into the system, but for support on using Turnitin or to request an account (only for staff members), contact the ITC information specialist.


Systems like Turnitin check for text similarity, the final judgment, if plagiarism has been committed, is to researchers supervising students.

In the following situations we talk about plagiarism: 
* Submitting past work 
* Paraphrasing without acknowledgment
* Summarizing without acknowledgment 
* 'Copy' and 'paste' another person's work in your own work without acknowledgment

Plagiarism is not allowed in scientific communication.

For more general information on publication ethics, see