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This part will focus on the different sources of information, where to find these sources, and how to choose the best ones for your research.

During your studies you will need research information for your papers and other assignments. Once you are finished at ITC you will most likely continue to search for information e.g. to make informed decisions in your job. The skills you have, and continue to develop will make the process of finding information much easier. The combined resources of ITC library and the Internet create an almost endless amount of information available to you.

"To be an effective researcher requires a good knowledge of the information resources in your subject area. This subject knowledge encompasses not only the ability to understand and critically evaluate relevant information, but also an awareness of and an ability to utilize the full range of information sources in your area. A blanket term used to describe all of the relevant, inter-related information sources in one subject area is 'the shape of the literature' ".
From: http://www.essay.uk.com/essay-help/collecting-material.php

A good literature review contains references to material from a broad range of resources.