The library catalogue

Finding materials in the library by using the library catalogue

To find materials in the library you need the shelf mark of each publication. These shelf marks can be found in our catalogue Adlib

When you click on the link to Adlib, you will see the search-form.

In this screen you can start seaching our catalog, just fill in one or more of the fields like title and/or author to find what you are looking for. You can use the options like truncation and the booleans to specify your search even more.

The right column of the page is used to explain the different parts of the search form. When you click on something in the form, you can read this column, to find out what it is and how to use it.

adlib search

When you found the publication on the shelf, you need to register it on your name at the helpdesk before leaving the library. All our materials are protected.


Where to find the book : the shelfmark

Below you see a screenshot of the record in the catalog for "GI science and earth observation: a process-based approach: also as e-book" by ITC.

adlib shelfmarks

As you can see in the screenshot (the encircled parts), the shelf mark (or call number) of this publication is 910.1 : 681.3 REFERENCE ONLY and the book is available in the library. ITC Library has 3 copies of this book. Since this is a compulsory book for all students the books cannot be borrowed but remain in the library as "REFERENCE ONLY" copies. It means that the 3 copies are permanently available in the ITC library. At the same time there is an internal ITC link to the full text of this textbook.  

For assigning shelfmarks we use a classification system called: UDC Universal Decimal Classification system. Every topic has its own classification code. If you want to know more about the UDC please take a look at

External documents

Below you see a screenshot of the record in the catalog for "Visual exploration of eye movement data using the space-time-cube" by Xia Li, A. Cöltekin and M.J. Kraak.

adlib external document

As you can see in this record, the shelf mark of this publication is REPRINT 14.892 and the loan status says that this publication is available. But the reprint is also available in digital form as you see the link at External document (encircled).  

How to find MSc theses in Adlib

You may search in the title field in Adlib for "MSc theses". 
Sort the result by year and you will receive an overview of all MSc theses by course and by year.
The result looks as follows:

Choose the course you are doing.  

Making a reservation

If a publication is on loan and you really need it, you should make a reservation. Otherwise a borrower can keep on renewing the publication. Please note that you can only make a reservation for a book that is on loan. If the book is available, then you have to get it from the shelf yourself.

A reservation can be made as follows; you select the title that is on loan by selecting the white box in front of the title (encircled).

adlib reservation

After that, you select the selection/reservation tab, and then click Reserve.

adlib reservation

If you get a login screen, you should fill in your credentials:

You should fill in your credentials:

  • s-number or m-number = Your student / employee number as stated on your smartcard, e.g. s1234567,
  • UT e-mail adres = Your full UT e-mail address, e.g. 

After you are logged in, you can request one or more publications by clicking the check button (white box in front of a title). The publication will then be added to your request list.

If you click on the Log in / Status tab you will see how many books you have borrowed and how many reservations you have.

adlib reservation