Combined access to NCC and OLC

PiCarta is a service of OCLC. You can search, find and request high quality information in a number of integrated databases containing bibliographic records, table of contents data and hyperlinks to full text and web pages. PiCarta allows combined access to NCC and OLC.

The Dutch Central Catalogue NCC contains bibliographic references and the locations of approximately 14 million books and almost 500,000 periodicals in more than 400 libraries in The Netherlands. The database is updated directly and continuously. The NCC database is connected to the Interlibrary Loan System IBL. This makes it possible for the ITC Library to send requests for photocopies of articles or requests for books automatically to these libraries that can supply the requested documents.

Online Contents OLC contains references to all articles that appear in almost 15,000 current periodicals in all fields of science. This database contains beside scientific also general, non specialist and popular periodicals. The database was started in September 1992 and is updated daily. The annual increase amounts to more than 2 million references. Basis for Online Contents are the tables of contents of the separate issues. The Online Contents database is connected to the Interlibrary Loan System IBL, so that the ITC Library can enter requests for PDFs or photocopies of articles from Dutch libraries.

When to use

  • If you want a (hand) book on a certain topic which is not available in ITC Library you may search this database and
  • if you want to scroll the content pages of journals this is a convenient database to use because it contains the contents pages of 15.000 journals.