ITC Library has access to e-books via 5 platforms: 

  • CRC netBase - Environmental Science
  • E-B-L
  • Dawsonera
  • Springer Earth and Environmental Science E-Books 2009 - ...
  • Taylor and Francis Urban eBooks collection

CRC netBase Environmental Science

CRC netBase  Environmental Science collection  also called the ENVIROnetBASE.

We offer this E-Book collection with research on a wide range of fields in Earth and Environmental
science such as:
- Earth Science
- Ecology
- Forestry
- Environmental Modelling
- Pollution reduction
- Emissions and environmental contamination.
It provides complete access to references on methods for site assessment, remediation, and soil and water quality monitoring. The Environmental Science Collection describes new tools and technologies for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetric environmental monitoring.

All books are available as one complete pdf or as individual chapters in normal and high-resolution format. Many of the books available in the ITC library collection now also as e-Book via this database. Enjoy all 983 books!


Ebook Library (EBL) is a web-based ebook lending platform that offers functionality such as: 
Multiple concurrent access (multiple people reading at the same time)

  • Online and offline access
  • Read aloud for all titles 
  • Browsing before borrowing

EBL online book host provides 'Read Online' options, but of course also a 'Download entire book' function. 
You can borrow eBooks for up to 7 days, again and again. Please install Adobe digital reader before you download complete EBL eBooks. 
Use the Help/Feedback tab to guide you through the process of making optimal use of the E.B.L library.

EBL eBooks on portable devices

Users of iPods or iPhones can download EBL content to their Apple device and read via the free Bluefire Reader app. Downloaded EBL eBooks can also be transferred to any portable eBook reader that supports Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). There's a list of these compatible devices on Adobe's supported devices page. In addition to these options, all portable devices with browser support can access EBL and Read Online via the web. 


Dawsonera is web-based collection of e-books designed for use in libraries.
There are many thousands of e-books in the catalogue, published by academic publishers around the world but ITC purchased a selection of e-books to create a tailored collection of e-books for our library users.
The reader portal is where ITC staff and students can access the ITC collection of e-books.  It is possible to search the whole catalogue of e-books of Dawsonera so including the ones ITC has not bought.

It is possible to download e-books that the library 'owns'. To download, go to the full title display by clicking on the "for more information…" button beneath the e-book. You have to select the number of days that you would like to download the e-book for. The maximum is 7 days. Click on the "download" button and wait until the automatic download starts. This can take some time. After you have downloaded an e-book you need to open it once while you are connected to your network in order to activate the time stamp. After you have done this, you can disconnect from the network and read as normal for as long as the time stamp is activated.
Please note that you can NOT print or copy from downloaded e-books!

Printing & Copying

You can print or copy a part of the owned (green) e-books. The maximum is 5% per e-book, per user. To print, go to the "read online" version of the e-book. Go to the page you want to print and then on the left side of the screen click on the purple "print" button. Under the button a message will appear, click on "ok" and the page will be printed. You can only print one page at the time. Please note that Dawsonera will keep track of the number of pages you downloaded from an e-book and when you reached the maximum prints from an e-book you can never print anything out of this e-book again.

Dawsonera has been developed to be user friendly but there is also a user guide available: 
for more information click here.

Springer Earth and Environmental Science E-Books 2009 - …

Springer, the world’s largest international publisher of scientific books introduces the world’s most comprehensive digitized scientific, technical and medical (STM) book collection. Readers will have access to millions of searchable pages which connect seamlessly with Springer Online Journals to create an unparalleled online reference tool.

Notable book series in the Earth and Environmental Science:

  • Lecture Notes in Earth Science
  • Lecture Notes in Geographic Information and Cartography
  • Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series
  • Frontiers in Earth Sciences

General and detailed information about their journals, books, software and other products is available from the corporate website http://link.springer.com/

Taylor and Francis Urban eBook Collection

This platform contains over 40,000 eBook titles in the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, STM, and law from some of the world's leading imprints, including Routledge, Psychology Press, and Garland Science.

The Urban Planning collection is available

Our Urban Planning eCollection covers the full range of fields in the academic study of Planning, Urban Design, Urban Studies and the associated fields of Property and Real Estate Development. Original scholarship and research sit alongside reference works and professional guidelines to create an unparalleled resource for scholars and practitioners alike.

Popular texts found in this eCollection include Alisdair McGregor, Cole Roberts, and Fiona Cousins’ Two Degrees, Lucy Bullivant’s Masterplanning Futures, and Jeffrey Hou’s Transcultural Cities.
Sub-collections include:

  • Urban Studies
    • Cities & Infrastructure
    • Cities & Infrastructure (Urban Studies)
    • Urban Communications & Technology
    • Urban Cultures
    • Urban Economics
    • Urban History
    • Urban Policy
    • Urban Politics
    • Urban Research Methods
    • Urban Sociology - Urban Studies
    • Urban Studies
    • Urban Theory

go to the collection