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Oxford English Dictionary - OED Online
The OED is the authority on the evolution of the English language. It is to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, It traces the usage of words through 2.5 million sources.
Van Dale Dictionaries
De Van Dale Grote woordenboeken Engels zijn de meest complete en actuele vertaalwoordenboeken. De boeken voorzien in de behoeften van professionals bij het begrijpen, schrijven en vertalen van algemene, hedendaagse idiomatische Engelse teksten. Voor school/studie, taalprofessionals en op kantoor.
Digital Plant Atlas
The Digital Plant Atlas is an international project that makes a unique contribution to the identification of seeds, fruits, roots, tubers, bulbs, stem fragments, leaves, flowers, buds and resins. The plant parts are illustrated with high-quality colour photographs and accompanied by a scale and their scientific name. The local names in various languages are included in an index.
Encyclopedia of Geobiology: e-book(2011)
The interplay between Geology and Biology has shaped the Earth from the early Precambrian, 4 billion years ago. Moving beyond the borders of the classical core disciplines, Geobiology strives to identify cause-and-effect chains and synergisms between the geo- and the biospheres that have been driving evolution of life in modern and ancient environments.
Encyclopedia of Geography: e-book (2010)
The Encyclopedia of Geography reflects how the growth of geography has propelled a demand for intermediaries between the abstract language of academia and the ordinary language of everyday life. The six volumes of this encyclopedia encapsulate a very diverse array of topics to offer a comprehensive and useful summary of the state of the discipline in the early 21st century. This encyclopedia strategically reflects the enormous diversity of the discipline, the multiple meanings of space itself, and the diverse views of geographers. It brings together the diversity of geographical knowledges, making it an invaluable resource for any academic library.
Encyclopedia of Modern Coral Reefs: Structure, Form and Process: e-book (2011)
Coral reefs are the largest landforms built by plants and animals. Their study therefore incorporates a wide range of disciplines. This encyclopedia approaches coral reefs from an earth science perspective, concentrating especially on modern reefs. Currently coral reefs are under high stress, most prominently from climate change with changes to water temperature, sea level and ocean acidification particularly damaging.
Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers: e-book (2011)
The earth’s cryosphere, which includes snow, glaciers and ice caps, ice sheets, ice shelves, sea ice, river and lake ice, and frozen ground, contains about 75% of the earth’s fresh water. It exists at almost all latitudes, from the tropics to the poles, and plays a vital role in controlling the global climate system. It also provides direct visible evidence of the effect of climate change, and, therefore, requires proper understanding of the complex dynamics.
Encyclopedia of Soil Science: e-book (2008)
Soils long have been taken for granted being so commonplace and lacking often striking features. However, soil is one of the most complex media on Earth, vital for the biogeosphere and human civilization. With increased usage of soil for world food production, building materials, waste repositories, etc awareness has grown for the need of better global understanding of soil and its processes.
Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics: e-book (2011)
The past few decades have witnessed the growth of the Earth Sciences in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the planet that we live on. This development addresses the challenging endeavor to enrich human lives with the bounties of Nature as well as to preserve the planet for the generations to come. Solid Earth Geophysics aspires to define and quantify the internal structure and processes of the Earth in terms of the principles of physics and forms the intrinsic framework, which other allied disciplines utilize for more specific investigations.
Extreme Environmental Events: Complexity in Forecasting and Early Warning (2011)
Extreme Environmental Events is an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the basic tenets of complexity and systems theory as well as the tools and measures for analyzing complex systems in understanding, predicting,monitoring and evaluatingmajor phenomena and natural disasters affecting life on earth. These phenomena are earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, climate change and weather. Early warning, damage, and the immediate response of human populations to these phenomena are also covered from a complexity (nonlinear) viewpoint. The content is presented in 61 articles and 1250 pages written by 110 of the world’s experts in each field.
Manual of European Environmental Policy
The Manual is the most reliable and comprehensive source on EU environmental policy and is an essential research tool for anyone working or researching in this field. The Manual contains analysis of over 500 EU Directives, Decision and Regulations as well as information on forthcoming legislation and historic legislation. All areas of environmental policy are covered giving information on the purpose, substance and development of each item of legislation as well as an account of its implementation and enforcement across the EU.
Scholarpedia is the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world. Scholarpedia feels and looks like Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Indeed, both are powered by the same program Media Wiki. Both allow visitors to review and modify articles simply by clicking on the edit this article link.
Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia is a project to produce a novel kind of encyclopedia that is comprehensive and free. Wikipedia's goal is to create a free, reliable encyclopedia-indeed, the largest encyclopedia in history, in terms of both breadth and depth. This is an ambitious goal, and will probably take many years to achieve! As anyone can edit any article, it is of course possible for biased, out of date or incorrect information to be posted.