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Land administration

A critical success factor in economic growth, food security, nature conservation and poverty reduction

Less than a quarter of the countries in the world maintain a complete land administration system. Conventional titling programs do not seem to have been able to bridge this gap and often failed  in providing a minimum form of land tenure security for all the citizens, including vulnerable ones.

Land is at the basis of all societies. A well-functioning land administration, and in particular its land information system, is one of the main instruments for governments to implement their land policies. Information on land tenure and property rights, value, and use of land are crucial to offering tenure security to all, implement land reform, support the land market, reduce poverty, levy land taxes for economic growth, food security, preserve the environment and nature conservation. Land information management becomes even more urgent in post-conflict or post-disaster contexts, in areas under the pressure of large-scale land acquisitions, and in a fast-growing urban metropolis.

Our aim

Our aim is to develop land administration capacity with cadastral intelligence, and to create change agents capable to design and apply responsible land administration solutions to address real life challenges. These change agents can be upcoming talents in land sector agencies, private practitioners, local NGO’s, but also people that are on plan to work for iNGO’s or multilateral development partners

Our courses

Our course facilitates a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving for development purposes. Considerable emphases is placed on land information systems.

The collaboration between ITC and the Netherlands Kadaster provides a unique foundation for our courses under the umbrella of the of the School for Land Administration Studies.

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Career perspectives

Are you a young and mid-career professional interested in a career in a national cadastre or a land registry, a ministry or a land office, a municipality or a land NGO? Or are you intending to start your own company in land administration and land information services? If so, then the Master of Science in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Land Administration is the course for you. For related professionals, such as land surveyors, land economists or real estate valuers, land use planners and land lawyers, completion of this course will broaden your career perspectives.

Managing land in a sustainable way

Name: Shanti Basnet (Nepal)
Position: Chief Survey Officer, Ministry of Land Reform and Management
Studied Land Administration: from 2010-2012

Shanti Basnet obtained a Master’s degree in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation for Land Administration at ITC. She now helps Nepal’s government manage land in a sustainable way.

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