The GeoScience Laboratory

Remote Chemistry Analysis

The GeoScience Laboratory (GSL) at ITC is a unique research facility: it houses a combination of spectroscopy, geophysics and (geo)chemistry to support in-depth research of spatial sciences.

GSL has the facilities to carry out spectroscopic and/or analytical measurements on sample material (soil, water, minerals, etc). These measurements can vary from IR-spectral measurements on organic (vegetation) or inorganic (soils, minerals) samples, chemical analysis of water and solid samples to determine element concentrations.

The GeoScience lab provides training for correct sampling and analytical measurements, usage of equipment with a strong emphasis on the quality control aspects. This can take place before or after a data collection phase of a research project.

Past and present projects

More information regarding past projects can be found in the annual reports.

Booking system and contact

UTwente and ITC student/staff are always welcome to contact us with questions regarding field sampling, sample preparation, analysis and (field) equipment.

To use a machine/apparatus please first contact the person responsible. Standard operating procedures (SOP) are given upon request.

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