Applied Earth Sciences - Geological remote sensing

Geological remote sensing

The sustainable use of land and earth resources is a key factor in economic development. We are continuously confronted with
instances in daily life that have direct links with earth resources and related processes – from the buildings in which we live and the food that we consume to the smart phones that we use. Geothermal resources provide energy for the production of electricity and the heating of our houses.

The search for these earth and geothermal resources relies on the availability of up-to-date geological knowledge, conceptual models of mineral deposits and geothermal systems, and modern exploration technologies. Geological investigation and mineral exploration, hyperspectral remote sensing, thermal infrared spectroscopy, geophysics, earth structure and dynamics, and surface deformation are among the themes emphasized in this domain.

Our courses

Courses in the domain of geological remote sensing focus on two application areas: the exploration, mapping and characterization of mineral resources as well as of active geothermal systems as a sustainable energy source. Through case studies and project work, the participants can choose which of these two areas they would like to focus on in more detail.

MSc projects

An MSc research project in the geological remote sensing domain is typically connected to one of the research areas of ITC’s department of Earth Systems Analysis:

Or have a look at examples of recently completed MSc projects.

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Career perspectives

An MSc degree in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation provides a good basis for international employment. Our graduates have found positions in research institutes and universities, in national and international agencies dealing with the exploration of earth resources and monitoring of the natural environment, and in the private sector (engineering, consultancy, insurance).

Implementing new techniques

Name: Abigail June Agus (Philippines)
Position: Supervising Geologist at Mines and Geosciences Bureau XI
Student at ITC: Applied Earth Sciences 2009-2011

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