This CD contains the following information

GIS case studies developed within the UNESCO project

Within the framework of the UNESCO-RAPCA project the participants from the various countries have developed a series of GIS case studies. The GIS data that has been collected is presented on this CD in a series of Zip files, organized by country and by type of information (Basic data, hazard data, vulnerability data). Each of the case studies also has a brief explanation on the GIS procedures that have to be carried out. These instructions do not follow a cookbook style, and are aimed at more advanced GIS users. For basic GIS exercises and cook-book style instructions, the reader is referred to the first CD (modulo de capacitacion). The following information can be found on this CD: 

 Costa Rica

El Salvador



Case study: Application of GIS for hazard and risk assessment: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

ILWIS software

In order to work with the GIS files for the various case studies you will need a GIS software. All data is provided in the ILWIS format. ILWIS is the Integrated Land and Water Information System, and has been developed at ITC.

The ILWIS 3.2 version is available on the CD as a self-extracting executable file. When you start the executable file, it will first unpack the installation files and automatically the ILWIS 3.1 installation is started. Download ILWIS 3.2.

 Run executable: ILWIS3.2Academic.exe

To run the ILWIS software you will need a registration code. In order to follow the GIS exercises provided on this CD, you can install the ILWIS system using the license that is provided on this CD.

Note: this license is only intended for following the exercises on this CD and not for using the ILWIS system for other purposes. In that case you will have to obtain your personal license. 

License data for ILWIS 3.2
Name              : Institutionalization of GIS for Urban Disaster Management
Company/e-mail    : ITC, the Netherlands
Registration code : 81B86A6F-290765E6-EB9644FE-3F1D0DD4
Verification code : 6A3FD671-A2B50F89-C291647F-F713E2E0 

Copy this information from this file and paste it in the installation window of ILWIS. Make sure that the exact codes are used, otherwise the program will not install.