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TCBF organizes training courses and workshops in Africa for EO and water specialists.

The TIGER Capacity Building Facility organises workshops and training sessions dedicated to cover the main common needs of the TIGER projects.

Training sessions are short courses and related activities, which primarily follow a "train-the-trainers" approach, enabling participants to transfer the acquired knowledge inside their own organisations and teams. The topics focus on the major common needs of the TIGER Projects and complement their tailored capacity building actions. The training sessions are open for the TIGER community, i.e. for the TIGER Projects and their related organizations.

Workshops aim at reviewing the progress of the TIGER Initiative, including the TCBF. These are the fora for discussing the results and making plans for the next steps.

Nr. Session type Topic/Task Date Location Organizer
1. Kick-off workshop Launch the project 9-11 Dec 2009 Enschede (NL) ITC
2. TCBF 2 Workshop Progress review and planning 12-13 Dec 2011 Hartebeesthoek (ZA) ITC / WRC
3. TCBF 2 Workshop Progress review and planning new phase 21-22 Oct 2013 Tunis (TN) ITC / OSS