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The workshop provides meeting opportunities for TIGER participants, stakeholders and donors to work together on the implementation of the TIGER goals.

As the second phase of the TCBF will be completed in June 2012, a workshop was organized in December 2011 to mark the completion of the bulk of the work in the second phase. The main objectives of the workshop were to review the results of the different TIGER projects, identify the main strengths and weaknesses of the initiative and prepare the basis for follow-up actions. A web story gives some highlights of the results on the ESA website.



Under the contract with the European Space Agency: (ESA):
TIGER Capacity Building Facility / Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente (ITC).

Local organizers

Water Research Commission (WRC), South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and Department of Water Affairs (DWA).


12-13 December 2011.


Glenburn Lodge
Kromdraai Road, Swartkops, Muldersdrift, 1747, South Africa.

Scopes and objectives

The TIGER workshop 2011 aimed at highlighting the status of the initiative almost 3 years after the beginning of its second phase. The event offered an opportunity to:

  1. Analyse the potential use of EO technology in the African water sector from high level contributions from key African stakeholders,
  2. Review the latest findings and results from the TIGER activities and its projects,
  3. Discuss on the next steps and future evolution of the initiative.


This forum was open to African and international participants.

All institutions involved in the execution of the TIGER Capacity Building Facility were present:

  • Principal Investigators and selected staff members of the TIGER Projects;
  • Principal Investigators and selected staff members of the Regional Offices;
  • Representatives of the TIGER Capacity Building Consortium member institutions.

Participants of the TIGER Workshop 2011 (click to enlarge)
Participants of the TIGER Workshop 2011 (click picture to enlarge).

Programme and presentations

 Programme overview



First Day: 12th of December

South African Session
1. Welcome by SANSA
Sandile Malinga, CEO, South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
2. Department of Water Affairs programmes in South Africa
Mbangiseni Nepfumbada, Deputy Director General WRM, Department of Water Affairs
3.   Research activities of the Water Research Commission in South Africa
Dhesigan Naidoo, CEO, Water Research Commission

International Stakeholder Session
4.   The African Water Cycle Coordination Initiative
Imraan Saloojee, Department of Science and Technology / GEO
5.   Status and plans of the UN-ECA supporting water resource management
Andre Nonguierma, UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA)
6.   World Bank activities in the African water sector
Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep, Sr. Environmental Specialist Africa Region, World Bank
7.   The International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO in Africa
Youssef Filali-Meknassi, UNESCO IHP

8a.   TIGER Overview - Achievements
Diego Fernandez-Prieto, ESA
8b.   TIGER - Next Steps
Benjamin Kötz, ESA (European Space Agency)

Climate Change & IWRM Session
9.   Applications of ASAR GM Soil Moisture in South Africa
Geoff Pegram, University of Kuazulu Natal South Africa
10.   Effects of climate change on tropical forest biomass
Rakotoniaina Solofoarisoa, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar
11.   Potential vulnerability of estuary systems: implications of climate change
Seringe Faye, University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal
12.   Capacity building needs for monitoring the effects of climate change
Jean Jacques Mboussi, Ministere De L'Energie Et De L'hydraulique, Republic of Congo

Water use, needs & floods Session
13.   Water demand and water used in the Doukkala-Abda region
Kamal Labbassi, Universite Chouaib Doukkali - El Jadid, Morocco
14.   Regional water balance of the Upper-Volta basin
Kwabena Kankam-Yeboah, Council For Scientific & Industrial Research - WRI, Ghana
15.   IWRM of the Zambezi basin in Zambia
Imasiku Nyambe, UNZA IWRM CENTRE, School Of Mines - University Of Zambia, Zambia
16.   EO monitoring for ground water resource assessment
John Njoroge Kimani, National Space Secretariat (NSS), Kenya
17.   Flooding patterns on Namibia's borders
Guido van Langehove, Hydrological Services Namibia, Namibia

Second Day: 13th of December

IWRM Session
1.   Sustainable water use and allocation in the Volta Basin
Jakob Tumbulto, Volta Basin Authority, Burkina Faso
2.   Wetland monitoring in the Nile Basin
Amel Azab, Nile Basin Capacity Building Network, Egypt
3.   EO Capacity building needs for water resources management in DRC
Nsadisa Faka, Ministere De l'Environnement, Conservation De La Nature Et Tourisme, DRC

Water Quality Session
4.   Monitoring and modelling of water quality Lake Burullus
Hanan Farag, Environment And Climate Research Institute, Egypt
5.   Sediment transport modelling and monitoring in the Nile Delta lakes
Karima Attia, Nile Research Institute, Egypt
6.   Water quality of inland water bodies in South Africa
Mark Matthews, CSIR, South Africa
7.   Monitoring aquatic plants in Lake Victoria
Mito Collins Omulo, University Of Nairobi, Kenya
8.   Monitoring of Guiers Lake water quality
Souleye Wade, University Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal

Basin-level Water Management Session
9.   Corporate management of water resources in Burkina Faso
Ludovic Tapsoba, UICN-Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso
10.   EO for the management of Lake Chad
Garba Sambo, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria
11.   Monitoring temporal water bodies and the effects of climate variability
Mariko Adama, Ecole Nationale D'ingénieurs Abderhamane Baba Touré (Eni-Abt), Mali (presented by Zoltán Vekerdy)
12.   ESA-World Bank Zambezi project
Corné van der Sande, NEO, Netherlands

13.   Round table discussion

14.   Closing
Chris Moseki, Water Research Commission, South Africa


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And here is the media release we had: