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Tiger encourages the use of public-domain software and data.

Image processing software

Name Explanation
ESA software tools Collection of free software tools for processing ESA satellite data.
ILWIS Open source GIS & RS software, originally developed by ITC.
OPTIKS Open source, expandable general remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform.
ORFEO Toolbox Open source Library for processing the images derived from Pleiades and Cosmo-Skymed
TNTmips Professional system for fully integrated GIS, image processing, CAD, TIN, desktop cartography, and geospatial database management. TNTmips includes TNTedit and TNTview. TNTmips has three license levels: TNTmips Pro (professional license), TNTmips Basic (low cost license), and TNTmips Free (freeware).
MultiSpec To analyzing multispectral and hyperspectral image data (freeware). Developed at Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA.