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Training of Trainers on Earth Observation techniques in land cover mapping.

Training of Trainers session in South Africa jointly with Cap-Net

The first Training of Trainers within the framework took place in Pretoria, South Africa from 18-22 November 2013. The objective of this ToT was to train water professionals to use Earth Observation techniques in land cover mapping. The course entailed detailed presentations, practical exercises and fieldwork. Apart from the above topic, delegates received a thorough understanding on how to use the TIGER training kit, and with this knowledge and these materials, they will be able to deliver trainings for water professionals in their regions. Participants are expected to apply the knowledge gained through this course in their respective area of operation. The course was hosted by CSIR, SANSA provided most of the input with support of the TCBF consortium member ISEGI. Dr. Nicky Knox (SANSA) and her crew did a very good job, the evaluation forms proved that the participants appreciated the course.

More than 200 persons from Africa showed interest in this course, but unfortunately only 25 could enrol this time. They were representing 18 countries from all around Africa. Tiger Regional Offices could send two-two representatives, whilst others were members of the Cap-Net networks. Mr. Eric Kuria, the key organizer of the next ToT in Kenya also participated, and as he said, the organizers of the first ToT set the standard very high.