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Training course on applications of EO in Water Management for stakeholders.

8 th TIGER training course

The 8th TIGER training course was held from October 23rd until October 25th in Ramada Plaza Tunis Hotel, in Tunis, Tunisia, immediately following the two days of TIGER workshop. The objective of the course was to give an introduction to the applications of Earth Observation technology and its products available in a water management context, in particular to stakeholders with limited to no GIS and Remote Sensing background. A total of 25 participants followed the programme, coming from various river basin organizations, Ministries of Water, Environmental agencies and Tunisian Universities. UNESCO helped to identify stakeholders who were interested to follow this course.

The course consisted of the following parts: R. Guzinski (DHI-GRAS, TIGER-NET consortium) introduced Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) with lectures and demo applications on land cover mapping and flood; Tim Jacobs (VITO) provided lectures and demo applications on data access and its evolution; Dr. Zoltán Vekerdy (ITC) provided a lecture on Evapotranspiration and water budgeting mapping; and Joel Silva (ISEGI) provided lectures and demo applications on land cover mapping and change detection.

The round table discussion raised important questions and issues regarding data access policies and training of institutional technical employees. The online survey that was completed on the last day (anonymously) and subsequently discussed with the participants revealed that the participants had a very good overall impression of the course and that they would recommend the course to their colleagues.

Each participant received a certificate of attendance in the closing ceremony, signed by Dr. Zoltán Vekerdy (ITC), Tim Jacobs (VITO) and Joel Silva (ISEGI), and a copy of the materials on USB sticks that were purchased locally.

While the preparation could have been better structured and organized, it is believed that this course helped to identify those stakeholders that can be approached to broaden the TIGER scope and can thus be called overall successful.