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A training course organized in a joint effort with the World Bank.

Advanced EO methods in water management

The 5th TCBF Training Course was organized in Lusaka, Zambia in cooperation between the ITC and the World Bank. A total of 28 professionals were trained from several governmental organizations (e.g. Department of Water Affairs, National Remote Sensing Center) and two Universities in Lusaka (University of Zambia). The training included interactive sessions, keynote lectures on the state-of-the-art in Earth Observation, theoretical lectures on microwave remote sensing with emphasis on SAR and workshops on i) accessing satellite data, ii) SAR data processing, iii) flood and small water body mapping (see  training programme).

The materials and training provided to the participants by the trainers from ITC were very well received. The atmosphere during the lectures and workshops was informal and very pleasant setting the basic requirements for an effective four-day training session. This can also be concluded from the evaluation. More than 80% of the course participants found course valuable and expect that they will apply the techniques learnt during the course in their professional life. Based on the evaluation and the feedback session, a list of requested topics was formulated for further training sessions. Furthermore, informal discussions between the lecturers and participants as well as among the participants themselves led to new ideas for cooperation, additional trainings and research projects.

Participants of the fifth training course in Lusaka, Zambia
Participants of the 5th training course in Lusaka, Zambia (click to enlarge).