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A combined event of training courses and a workshop mark the third year of the TIGER Capacity Building Facility 2.

Advanced EO methods in water management

By entering the third year of TCBF 2, the project reaches several mile stones: the last training course in the series of special EO trainings for African professionals, the completion of the installation of ESA’s Data Dissemination System (DDS) and the development of the Regional Water Information System (RWIS) in the Regional Offices and the first event of demonstrating the results of the TIGER research projects. We combine them into a series of events:

  1. 4th Training Course on Advanced EO Methods in Water Management, open for the TIGER projects and their related institutions;
  2. Short training on DDS and RWIS, open for the TIGER Regional Offices and TIGER projects where DDS is installed;
  3. TIGER Workshop 2011 open for the wide public, all stakeholders of TIGER and anybody else who are interested in the TCBF.


Under the contract with the European Space Agency (ESA):
TIGER Capacity Building Facility / Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente (ITC).

Local organizers

Water Research Commission (WRC),
South African National Space Agency (SANSA), and
Department of Water Affairs (DWA).


5-10 December 2011 :   4th Training Course on Advanced EO Methods in Water Management
9-10 December 2011 :   High level introductory Short Training on DDS & RWIS
12-13 December 2011 :   TIGER Workshop 2011


South African National Space Agency (SANSA), Hartebeesthoek, North West Province.


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