Launch of the Tanzania Energy Platform

Oil, gas, geothermal and sustainable energy knowledge infrastructure in Tanzania

To structure the knowledge on energy in Tanzania the Tanzania Energy Platform was launched with a workshop on 5th April 2017. Recently, large oil and gas reserves were discovered in Tanzania and the country has likely a large potential for geothermal energy because part of the country is volcanic and geothermal gradients are high. Moreover Tanzania has options for sun and wind energy.

Launch of the Tanzania Energy Platform more

February 2016

  1. 03 02 2016 PhD Defence Mr Dimo Todorovski
  2. 10 02 2016 Seminar on “Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors @ITC”
  3. 12 02 2016 PhD Defence Ms Sharon Leigh Cundill
  4. 12 02 2016 ITC Alumni Meet Windhoek (Namibia)
  5. 15 02 2016 ITC Exhibitor at Study in Europe Fair South Africa
  6. 18 02 2016 Inaugural Lecture prof.dr. Alexey Voinov
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