Open Science Kitchen The Benefits and Limitations of Pre-registrations

The next OSCT event is ready for take-off. We will meet on the 25th of February at 14:00 to discuss The Benefits and Limitations of Pre-registrations.

There will be a little presentation about what pre-registrations and registered reports are. However, we would like to allocate at least half of the event for discussion.

  • Where do you see benefits and limitations in the context of pre-registration/registered reports?
  • What is needed for a successful pre-registration/registered reports?
  • What are your experiences with pre-registration/registered reports?
  • Why haven’t you done that, yet? Do you have any concerns?
  • Why are pre-registration/registered reports still uncommon in some disciplines (e.g. geoscience, social science) and how can we promote them a bit more?

We are also looking for examples. Please contact us if you have positive or negative experiences with pre-registration/registered reports.

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