An introduction into Intellectual Property (IP) issues in Public Private Partnerships

You are cordially invited to attend a Research Seminar On

 “An introduction into Intellectual Property (IP) issues in Public Private Partnerships”

Guest speakers:

  • dr. ir. Peter van Dongen
    • Account manager/ IP Advisor universities
    • Octrooicentrum Nederland/ The Netherlands Patent Office
    • Netherlands Enterprise Agency
  • Roy Kolkman
    • Manager Knowledge & Technology Transfer
    • Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO)
    • Novel-T  | University of Twente

This seminar is an introduction to IPR issues from the perspective of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and UT’s Knowledge Transfer Office.

It is aimed at staff and PhD students who are interested in valorizing research, technology transfer and IP, and the appropriate steps to follow.  The seminar is the first of three events on this topic, with two more hands-on workshops planned for researchers and research managers on Intellectual Property from research activities and partnerships.

This introductory seminar will cover

  1. Introduction into Intellectual Property Rights (IPR, e.g. patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs)
  2. 2.IPRs for technology transfer and valorization (IP appropriation regime, KTO services (a) )
  3. How to use IPRs in a Public Private Partnership (e.g. ownership, pool, license, spin-off)?
  4. Introducing an IP assignment for researchers (using an Invention Disclosure form)


Peter van Dongen studied at Wageningen University and Research Centre where he obtained an engineering degree in Physico-chemistry processes in soil and water environments and a masters' degree in Innovation and Communication studies.

He was assigned as associate-expert at the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (Rome, Italy), and worked for 5 years in soil- and water projects in Ethiopia and Bolivia. On return in the Netherlands, he started to work as freelance consultant, later as project engineer at Wageningen-Delft university spin-off SAWA, that later merged into the Arcadis engineering company. During those years he was responsible for (Research and Development) projects on the use of organic fertilizers, water supply and sewerage in countries in Europe and Africa.

As EMEA manager of Trojan Technologies Inc. he held responsibilities for R&D on ultraviolet water disinfection reactors for ultrapure, potable and waste water applications. During those years, he learned to practice the exploitation of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) portfolio for business, product and market development. He acquired hands-on experience with IPR based business management in open-innovation systems, working with suppliers (e.g. Philips, Nedap, General Electric, Allen Bradley and Siemens) and in Public Private Partnerships with professors and Ph.D students at several technical universities in western European countries.

In 2001, he was appointed account manager and IP advisor for universities at the Netherlands Patent Office (a division of the Netherlands Entreprise Agency). As a secretary of a National Platform- a body consisting of the AWTI, research funding agencies (KNAW, NWO), board members of the Dutch four technical universities and the IP managers of Dutch multinationals- he assisted drafting a framework of recommendations on university IP policy to be presented for the Ministers of Economic Affairs and Education, Culture and Science. Those recommendations have become implemented in their innovation policies and programmes supporting research commercialisation and knowledge valorisation of recent date (e.g. Technopartner and Valorisation Programme). 

Since 2010, he frequently lectures at various faculties of Dutch universities on IP strategies for value creation and capitalisation, the use of patent databases and IP licenses. Between 2014-2018, he was an external Ph.D student at the VU University Amsterdam and defended his thesis ‘How Academic Patents shape Innovations’ analysing factors which determine the fate of spin-offs, academic entrepreneurs in life sciences and biotech process engineering. Currently, he is an external member of the Dutch expert group on Knowledge and Technology Transfer, secretary to the Advisory Board of IP teaching and member of the Licensing Executive Society (LES) Benelux.