Nimisha Verma (India)

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

My name is Nimisha Verma, I am a second-year student specializing in Geoinformatics. I come from a small town in Jharkhand on the east side of India.

Why ITC?

Anyone in the field of Geo-Information Science would probably dream of studying at ITC. I have previously done a Master's, but I wanted to learn more and likely pursue a PhD. I had a mentor at the National Institute of Oceanography, who studied at ITC back in 1985. He introduced me to ITC and encouraged me to come here, and I am grateful to him because it's been a great experience.

What do you enjoy the most about studying abroad?

The fact that I can meet so many different people from different backgrounds and different nationalities. 

While living in your home country, you are in a bubble with a set of rules and regulations that you follow blindly, without questioning whether it is right or wrong. When you live abroad, you meet new people, you experience other cultures, and you start realizing how broad the world can be, and that broadens your mind.

What are the benefits of a multicultural classroom?

One of the most beneficial things you get out of a multicultural classroom is becoming more conscious of those around you and what you will say.

When you are all coming from the same background, you clearly understand what others expect. When you are in a multicultural classroom, something that is right in your culture might not be favourable to others around you. You start realizing this and begin to change your mindset to be considerate of other people. That helps a person grow.

How have you adjusted to studying and interacting with people from different backgrounds?

My experience is probably slightly different from other students who did not experience a lot due to Corona. ITC gave me the international experience by interacting with people from different countries and backgrounds. Through being involved in other activities throughout the last year, I got the opportunity to also interact with Dutch people. 

I've learned about Dutch culture, German culture, and a lot of other countries. I have made friends from many places like Iran, Africa, Germany, Brazil and very close Dutch friends.

What are your future plans?

My main goal is to find a PhD. I want to get into the Space Science field; my thesis and internship will be related to that. I have the heart of a researcher, and I am crazy about Space Science.