Gaming in Education

What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

Gaming in education

Wednesday 10 November 2021 at 15.00

Our theme of this session is Gaming in Education where our speakers will discuss the different state-of-the-art tools that can support education activities and increase the immersive experience of the learners. 

Laura Cray will give her tips on XR for Education: HoloLens2 in Laura's 10-minutes Tips

Dr. Paulo Raposo will give reflections on his early AR and VR teaching and research at ITC. He will share some thoughts and reflections on using augmented reality and virtual reality in teaching and research in geospatial topics at ITC. He will introduce the VISUSE Lab, the Geo-Information Processing (GIP) department’s research facility for visualization (AR, VR, and traditional cartography) and usability studies, and describe a recently NWO-submitted proposal for a citizen engagement project using AR. Finally, he will also reflect on two recent student projects at GIP making effective use of AR and VR from our lab.

Dr. Cheryl de Boer will provide an introduction to the Design and Interactive Space for Co-creating (the DISC) which was launched during 70 years ITC celebration. In this space, DISC supports the development and application of different types of geo-visualization tools to support communication and knowledge co-creation. She will specifically highlight one such tool, COLLAGE (Collaborative Location and Allocation Gaming Environment), which incorporates a serious gaming approach to support the energy transition. Whereas COLLAGE was designed for use in person, and in groups, over the last year they have had experiences in developing COLLAGE for online sessions due to the varying Corona restrictions. She would like to share these experiences and am eager to interact with the audience to gain ideas and feedback for how we could further improve the online versions in the future. 


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