Learning Analytics

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learning analytics

Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 15.00

Learning Analytics (LA) has promising features to enhance teaching and learning. This talk focuses at exploring Learning Analytics through a short workshop in which participants identify what they consider to be Learning Analytics and its pros and cons. The outcomes of a pilot project, ao a dashboard for learning analytics, with the Teaching and Learning Center at campus are then shared by Peter Groothengel after which in a plenary session participants discuss which and how Learning Analytics should be applied by ITC. The preliminary schedule is: 

  1. Short introduction on Learning Analytics (5-10 min) 
  2. Workshop ‘define’ LA by the participants (10 min) 
  3. Presentation by Peter Groothengel on outcomes of the pilot at UT (20 min) 
  4. Plenary quick check of (mis)matches between 2 and 3 (10 min) 
  5. Plenary discussion: what should ITC continue/develop? (10 min) 


Educators and learners