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Wednesday 30 June 2021 at 15.00 CEST

In this session, Sean Riley will discuss how the Computerphile channel works in particular (how they choose topics, how videos are produced, how long does it take to make a video, etc) and what kind of benefits have these videos brought to the University of Nottingham. The videos in the channel serve multiple purposes which fulfill some of the most important objectives in the UT and ITC visions: Outreach, life-long learning, open education. They have been responsible for increased recognition of staff and the Faculty involved and has brought more students through the door.

Laura Cray, the e-learning Specialist will have her debut on the 'Laura 10-minutes  Tips' which will be given in the upcoming Talk Series. For this session she will give tips on  'Learn how to use the live-voting tool Wooclap to increase interactivity and check knowledge retention during live, hybrid, and flipped classroom events.'

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This talk should not be missed if you are interested in (online) education, open education, life-long learning and online content in general.


Sean Riley is the producer of the Computerphile YouTube Channel, which deals with computer science topics. He is also directly connected to the Numberphile channel which deals with mathematics. These two channels are connected to the University of Nottingham and have gathered 2 million and 3.7 million subscribers respectively.

Sean learned his craft at the BBC and as such has no direct education in Computer Science, rather than see this as a hindrance, it’s part of what allows him to make films about Computer Science which can appeal to a broad range of viewers. Sean’s BBC training allows him to approach each video from an independent, almost journalistic stand-point, attempting to ask each contributor what the viewer is thinking.



Laura 10-minutes Tips - Wooclap

Sean Riley - Building Online Presence